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Ed Lebar

Ed Lebar, Founding Partner

A 40 year veteran of marketing, Ed Lebar with Max Blackson is launching BlackbarConsulting. Their focus is building  consumer brand relationship.  Their analytic models and creativity stress building customer franchises, improving pricing power and raising market valuation multiples. The foundation is working both parts of Consumer brand reltaionships;  brand attributes and brand experiences

Ed was founder and  CEO of  BrandAsset® Consulting and the BAV model across all lines of business and around the world. Ed returned to Y&R in 1995 to help grow BrandAsset® Valuator into the largest brand model and database in the world. Ed also guides the development of all BAV alliances and joint ventures including Stern Stewart’s, BrandEconomics consultancy, Sequent Partners and partnerships with  leading marketing science professors at the most renown business schools  in the country.

Under   Ed’s leadership, the the BAV analytic group, has developed many proprietary products including MediaBAV®, BrandResonance® and Brand Elasticity, StarBAV®, BAV touch point analysis, and Brand Archetypes as well as multiple methods of valuing brands and branded businesses.

Ed often guest lectures at some of the most prestigious graduate business schools in America : Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Columbia Business School,  Northwestern University, Cornell University and University of Michigan. Ed has  co authored pieces in academic journals and a new book, The Brand Bubble, was published by Wiley in the fall of 2008. and voted third best business book by

Ed’s experience includes working with such clients as P&G, Kraft, AOL Time Warner, KFC, Kodak, Verizon Microsoft, Yahoo! New York Times and Wall Street Journal.  Before his careers in marketing, finance and advertising, Ed was a professor of economics at CCNY and Finch College.  He holds advanced degrees in economics from NYU and the University of Denver, and a BA from Syracuse University.

Max Blackston

Max Blackston

Max Blackston, Founding Partner

Max is a brand strategist, market researcher and consumer psychologist with a long track record of innovation in the consumer sciences.  He was one of the first in the field to successfully operationalize models of consumers’ decision processes, and it was Max who first conceptualized a theory of Consumer Brand Relationships more than 25 years ago.

While being a leading innovator, Max has always worked in an operational business framework, and has had substantial experience of all of the marketing disciplines. He headed up Research International companies in England and Italy, and was SVP Head of Planning and Research at Ogilvy & Mather, New York.  In addition, Max was European Marketing Director for Soda Club – predecessor of home-carbonation company, Soda Stream – and a consultant to BrandAsset Valuator at Y& R New York.

Over the years, Max has made considerable contributions to the marketing sciences, in the form of journal articles, conference papers, book chapters and white papers. His published works cover areas as diverse as micro-behavioral modeling, setting up single location telephone interviewing for multinational research, implementing the account planning process in an advertising agency, and building Consumer Brand Relationships.

His seminal paper on CBR, presented at the 1993 UK Market Research Society Annual Conference, won the “best paper” award, as did his 1995 ESOMAR paper on using Cognitive Response Analysis for advertising pre-testing.

Max now splits his time between New York and Jerusalem, Israel where he is a licensed tour guide.

JP Carrero

JP Carrero

Juan Pablo Carrero, PhD. Managing Partner

Juan Pablo Carrero has developed an extensive career in the areas of market research, advertising and branding. His professional experience has evolved both in private companies and in consulting and advertising agencies.

For more than 15 years his focus has been the world of brands. It has developed in all they have to do with the analysis, management and development of brand strategies, both in terms of marketing and communication.

Much of his professional experience was gained at Young & Rubicam, working in several markets in Latin America, managing the BAV (Brand Asset Valuator).

Since 2007 he works as an independent consultant advising various companies in the area of mass consumption, services and advertising agencies. He has been working with different models of brand value, analyzing the points of contact and interaction between them trying to expand the horizon of their knowledge. Some of the markets in which he has worked are Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Juan Pablo has recently earned a PHd in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Deusto. He holds a degree in Sociology from The University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and Master of Business Administration from the Catholic University of Uruguay .

His PHd thesis garnered top honors – “Summa Cum Laude”. His thesis involves a study of Models of Brand Personality in Uruguay, proposing new ways to measure the personality of a brand, focusing on cross cultural aspects.